Submissive escorts for spanking

You will find nearly the entirety of the girls we represent are escorts for spanking services. Some enjoy giving it, others just receiving, but you will find the majority of our girls to enjoy offering spanking in both regards. You will also find most of these girls to give and receive this service to any level, which you desire. 

Escort for spanking services are possibly the single most popular collection of girls we have on our website. Which coincides with the fact that spanking is so popular in the bedroom. It is a service in which you combine pleasure with an adrenaline giving and somewhat painful tingling sensation, that drives most men and women over the edge of sensual and erotic satisfaction. Releasing endorphins (the happy hormone) and making those partaking, especially the submissive (the one being spanked), feel totally amazing by giving them a heightened sexual experience which neither party will forget for a long time to come. 

There are two reasons why a client would love escorts for spanking services, both depending on what role they want to play: 

The dominant role, which is played by the person who is giving the spanking to the other playmate, is often opted for, by those who want to feel in control. Normally these people do not feel in control of their everyday lives and use sexual relations with escorts who offer spanking, as a release from the feeling they have constantly. 

On the other hand, those clients who opt to be the playmate being spanked, is considered to be playing the submissive role, in these spanking games. Generally, these clients are known for being the top business man type who are used to being in control of everyone and everything around them. Again, they are searching for a release, but by playing the opposite role. 

People simply get tired of their daily lives and look for a change in routine and an experience which is different to the ones they normally receive and look to our  escort girls for a good old spanking service. 

Depending on whether you want to be the giver or the receiver of spanking, or to take it in turns with your escort who loves spanking, upon making your booking, it would be a good idea to check with the agency’s office to see what girl would be the right girl for you overall. Depending on what other services you desire as well. However, all of our escorts for spanking offer a very high standard of service, so there is no way you will be disappointed by whoever you book with!