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What An Escort Can Do On Special Occasions

Hiring an escort for a day can be a pleasurable experience where she will only please you in sexual ways or just cuddle like a girlfriend. But if you book an appointment with an escort on special days such as Valentine’s day, your birthday or a bachelor’s party, she might surprise you in more than one ways. These additional services can be availed on any regular day by paying additional amount, but if it is a special day for you, your escort might just do it as a compliment. Here are the additional services offered by the escorts for special occasions.

Role Play

Roleplay can be a very interesting and a kinky way to proceed to climax of the evening. You can either plan in before meeting and meet each other as the characters of your roleplay, or you can decide it after you meet. The escort can help you to come out of your shell and become a more confident person with roleplay as an exercise. On a special day you can request your escort to get dressed according to your favourite character and lead the scene from there.

Bring company

If it is the time to celebrate and you have booked a girlfriend for yourself, chances are that she might bring in some company. If it is the time of valentine’s day and you have a big party organized, ask her if she is coming alone or with someone. You can also hire more escorts for that, but if you hire your favourite escort who also knows you and you have free drinks, she might just bring her friends along just to add some extra fun in the party.

Strip for you

You can have it on demand, but as we mentioned, an escort can surprise you with things just if she has an idea that today is a special day for you. It is like customer service for an agency which provides services to satisfy you. Sometimes extra bonanza from the customer service won’t hurt you and make you like it even more. A surprise strip with a sexy outfit is good enough to set the mood right for the evening.

Give you an additional hour

Now you need to know that an escorts time is very important and she can have multiple clients per day. Do not force her to stay longer than what you have planned before, it will only make the escort uncomfortable. However, if you tell her that it is your birthday, she might cheer you up by staying a little longer and give you a warm cuddled company. If an escort provides you more time than in the agreement, try to respect it and do not get more desperate to demand more things. Be grateful for her time and try to keep things sweet and simple later. You can make a quick snack for her and sit together to watch a movie.


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